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Ray Bourhis Associates is a highly-specialized long term disability insurance law firm, specializing in bad faith, with a well-deserved reputation for excellence, integrity, and credibility. We only handle long-term disability insurance claims, and have most successful track-record of any law firm in the nation.

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Every client we represent is special to us. We pay close attention to every client as an individual. We do not accept low ball settlements or compromise settlement amounts by allowing Partial or Residual calculations when a claimant is entitled to Total Disability benefits. Don't risk settling for less than the maximum benefits you are owed.

Own Occupation Disability        

Case Studies

View case studies, including the landmark cases that set the law for long term disability insurance bad faith; successful long term disability litigation; denial reversal; and large settlements for physicians, medical specialists, dentists,  lawyers, CEOs and other professionals who have suffered bad faith denial situations. Read Case Studies...

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Why Choosing RBA is Your Best Strategy

Ray Bourhis Associates is proud to be unique in the insurance law industry.

We have handled the most important cases in the long term disability insurance field - including the landmark Hangarter and McGregor cases. We know this field inside out. Our track record and reputation (seven figure verdicts, punitive damage awards,  Insult to Injury, 60 Minutes, Dateline, and work with state insurance regulators) means credibility with every disability insurer in the business.

 We are highly selective in the cases we accept, we are able to obtain large, prompt, superior settlements for our clients. Please contact us for a free case review to discuss your claim.

Professional Athletes and ERISA Risks

It is no secret that serious and permanent injuries occur to professional and college athletes on an alarmingly regular basis. As an Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance lawyer, a former high school and college athlete, a dedicated Ohio State and Cal football and basketball fan – and, as the Father of Brutus the Buckeye (I kid you not, check it out on Google), I have a VERY warm spot in my heart for disabled athletes. When these men and women suffer a career ending injury, they not only see the dreams to which they had devoted their lives come crashing down but, in many cases, their livelihood as well. Read More....

ERISA Preemption

1. Almost ALL long term disability insurance policies purchased through your workplace are ERISA Preempted. These claim cases require specialized attention and a different approach than non-ERISA cases.

2. ERISA Preemption means your protections against extraordinary losses due to fraudulent and long term disability bad faith claims denials are eliminated. While they are still obligated to pay your legitimate claim, your insurance company is immune from damages caused by even the most criminal of claims denials.

3. ERISA Preemption deprives you of your constitutional right to a jury trial. That means you have NO leverage or bargaining power to simply compel your insurer to pay even the most obviously legitimate long term disability claims (such as spinal injuries). Read More...

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Understanding Present Value Calculations

By Ray Bourhis and Alexander MacDougall

The issue of determining the present value (PV) of insurance policy benefits can be as complicated as it is important.  Issues that come into play include:

1)      The monthly benefit

2)      The life of the policy

3)      The claimant’s age at the time he or she became disabled

4)      The existence of mortality associated issues

5)      Whether or not there is a Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) provision in the policy and if so, when the COLA kicks in and for how long it takes effect

6)      Whether a discount rate needs to be applied in calculating the PV in order to account for inflation

7)      Whether periodic, optional, benefit increases have been factored in

8)      The percentage of the discount rate and how it is calculated

9)      Whether or not the insured is entitled to factor in an incentive for it to agree to a lump sum payment


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you understand the terminology of your long term disability insurance policy? Confused by the jargon and fine print?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions and Insurance Glossary sections for answers!

How A Disabled Professional Can Wind Up In Serious Financial Difficulty

by Ray Bourhis

You were told you needed own-occupation disability insurance. That you had studied and sacrificed for years. But that your success could go up in smoke very quickly. One accident.   One illness. So many things could happen. You needed protection. So that even if you could continue to practice you would receive your full benefits if you couldn't do so normally. 

You didn't think it would happen. But then it did. That's when you started hearing the stories. And reading the reports. About the profiling and targeting and low balling and worse. About claims departments either denying legitimate claims entirely or approving benefits but then suddenly cutting insureds off. You had a mortgage, and a spouse, and children and all kinds of expenses.  How could you protect yourself...what was going to happen? Professionals who find themselves disabled face these issues every day. Please visit our Insurance FAQ section, read Case Studies and become familiar with the many ways we assist professionals applying for long term disability insurance benefits, and contact our office for a no-obligation case review. We can help you to avoid the common and costly mistakes, time delays, and denied benefits frequently encountered by insured claimants.

If your disability insurance claim has been unfairly denied, your insurance carrier may be responsible for paying not only your long term disability insurance benefits, but also for compensating you for your additional losses...Read More...